The international hi-tech bank

greenchestbank (ex Baltikums Bank) was founded in 2001 by BBG AS holding owned by four Latvian entrepreneurs Alexander Peshkov, Sergey Peshkov, Andrey Kochetkov and Oleg Chepulsky. By that time, they had worked together in international business, trade and logistics for more than 10 years, so the bank was initially established by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Being businesspersons themselves, they could understand needs of other businessmen like no one else. Gradually the bank started providing solutions for private customers as well.

For the 18 years bank has grown its reputation of a reliable partner and financially stable organization – bank shows high liquidity each year and even during the economic slowdown remained profitable.

Introducing the new brand of greenchestbank in 2017 was a logical step in our growth strategy. Due to the changes in modern business environment our customers’ needs and expectations change as well, which motivates the bank to become more modern and technologically savvy.

greenchestbank is about our main principles:

—  Modern technologies

—  Innovativeness

—  Availability of our financial service throughout the world

—  Constant motion

—  Unlimited development